Photovoltaics for communities

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What you need to know:

Solar-powered neighborhood communities are on the rise.

When we think of solar panel installations, private homes usually come to mind, but photovoltaic energy is also available to neighboring communities. In fact, the number of photovoltaic installations in communities is increasing year after year, more and more residents are deciding to switch to green energy.

At TerraSolari we carry out installation services in all types of buildings, including blocks of flats in large cities such as Barcelona. In fact, we not only assemble the equipment, we take care of everything.

We have a team of engineers who will be in charge of validating the feasibility of the project and drawing up a savings plan to find out how much time you will need to amortize the plates. At the same time, this team will be in charge of requesting all the necessary permits to be able to start the works.

On the other hand, our technicians, experts with long and proven experience in the sector, will be in charge of installing the best equipment. It will only be necessary to find the best day to start and leave everything in their hands.

We accompany you at all times looking for the best ecological solution, the one that maximizes savings on the electricity bill and the equipment that best suits your community so that all neighbors can enjoy the energy of the future.

If you have more questions or require personalized information, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. It will be a pleasure to assist you!

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    The path we will travel together...

    Viability study

    It all starts by analyzing each case. The first thing we will do is analyze the viability of the installation in your community.

    Study of savings and budget

    The next step is to narrow down various budget options so you know when it will cost you everything. On the other hand, we will analyze how much you will save on the electricity bill and we will see the time it will take to amortize the equipment.


    Once we decide which is the best option for you, all you have to do is sign the contract to get down to work.

    Town hall

    We will take care of strictly complying with all the requirements and presenting the documents that your city council asks us to obtain the building permit.


    Once all the permits are in order, all you have to do is find the day that works best for you to install the equipment.

    Issuance of certificates

    With the new solar panels installed and working properly, all that remains is to request the appropriate certificates to have everything in order. We also take care of this.


    Everything is finished, now to enjoy your new source of clean energy. But we do not disappear, we continue to watch over you at all times and offer a guarantee.


    Over the years, your equipment may need a revision or maintenance. We also take care of this. We notify you when the recommended term to offer you the service expires.

    Join the energy revolution

    With TerraSolari, turn your home or business into a sustainable and efficient space.