Industrial photovoltaic

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What you need to know:

A double benefit: environmental savings and cost reduction.

All sectors are increasingly competitive and you know it better than anyone. That is why you have to take care of even the smallest details in order to increase profits. It is clear that this happens by selling more, but also by spending less.

At TerraSolari we help you design an energy plan that will considerably reduce your company’s electricity bill. In addition, the ecological transition of companies towards a green future is a present and future reality. Surely embarking on the path towards sustainability will generate added value for a large part of your customers.

Whether for a factory, warehouse or office, it all starts on paper. Together we will carry out an exhaustive study to determine what are the best solutions for the company taking into account its circumstances.

Once we are clear about how much we will save and how to proceed, we will take care of the rest.

The engineering team is the one who will take care of everything related to permits and certificates. Each location has its peculiarities, we will take care of meeting the requirements and presenting the appropriate documentation to start the works.

In turn, our experts in photovoltaic installations, with many “flight hours” in the sector, will install the equipment in your ship and connect the new source of clean energy to the system.

At TerraSolari we offer a comprehensive service with close monitoring from start to finish so that our clients do not have to worry about a thing. If you want more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us, we advise you without any commitment.

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    The path we will travel together...

    Viability study

    It all starts by analyzing each case. The first thing we will do is analyze the viability of the installation in your company.

    Study of savings and budget

    The next step is to narrow down several budget options so you know how much everything is going to cost you. On the other hand, we will analyze when you will save on the electricity bill and we will see the time it will take to amortize the equipment.


    Once we decide which is the best option, all we have to do is sign the contract to get to work.

    Town hall

    We will take care of strictly complying with all the requirements and presenting the documents that the city council requests to obtain the building permit.


    Once all the permits are in order, all that remains is to find the days that are best for installation.

    Issuance of certificates

    With the new solar panels installed and working properly, all that remains is to request the appropriate certificates to have everything in order. We also take care of that.


    Everything is finished, now to enjoy the new source of clean energy. But we do not disappear, we continue to monitor the correct operation at all times and offer a guarantee.


    Over the years, the equipment may need a revision or maintenance. We also take care of this. We will notify you when the recommended term to offer you the service has expired.

    Join the energy revolution

    With TerraSolari, turn your home or business into a sustainable and efficient space.