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Our technical team is made up of top professionals, with accredited training from years of experience in both installation and commissioning.

Our clients endorse these data indicating the trust and satisfaction in each project.

Study of the location, orientation and available surface.

Estimation of the energy needs, of the energy that will be generated, as well as an economic study with the possibility of financing.

Realization and validation of the Project or Technical Report.

Selection of equipment and materials.

Management and obtaining of the necessary administrative, legal and technical permits for the installation.

Commissioning and use of the photovoltaic solar installation.


Purchase and supply of equipment and materials of leading brands and quality.

Assembly of the installation, start-up tests and delivery of the installation.

Periodic, preventive and non-preventive maintenance work on solar installations.

Advice on subsidies, financing, IBI bonuses.

Choice of distribution company to optimize savings and compensation of surpluses.


Residential photovoltaic

If you think that the time has come to change the energy model of your home, you are in the right place. We have been carrying out photovoltaic installations in houses of all kinds for years with excellent results. Give your home an ecological twist, reduce the amount on your electricity bill and gain autonomy with a team of solar panels from the best brands.

Industrial photovoltaic

SMEs and industries have very high electrical energy consumption, energy saving solutions have a direct impact on the income statement. A correct ecological transition also positively affects the public image of any company. Together we look for ways to spend less on electricity while respecting the environment.

Community photovoltaic

Neighborhood communities are ideal places to install solar panels. The investment will be diluted among all the owners while the high electricity consumption that is generated in this type of housing will become clean and green. The impact that the new energy source will have on the electricity bill of all households must be highlighted.


We offer all kinds of aerothermal solutions adapted to the personal requirements and budget of each client. Tailor-made installations to cool your house in summer and keep it warm in winter.


It is very important that your solar panel installation is in good condition even after the years. Our supervision, maintenance and repair services are ideal so you don’t have to worry about a thing. From TerrSolari we will ensure the good condition of your equipment.

Join the energy revolution

With TerraSolari, turn your home or business into a sustainable and efficient space.

Why choose our servicies?

Save on the bill

The savings on the electricity bill can be between 30 and 70%.

Efficient energy

As they are generated and consumed at nearby points, energy losses in distribution networks are avoided.

Sustainable energy

The sun is a clean and inexhaustible source of energy.

Positive impact on the environment

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, as well as our commitment to sustainability and respect for the Environment.

The best equipment and installation

We are committed to equipment and products of leading brands and quality that result in greater performance in each project.

Main brands:

We are official distributors of some of the best brands in the photovoltaic market.

Other brands we work with:

Invest with confidence in THE BEST BRANDS of solar panels and inverters. Unique designs, taking into account climatic extremes, beyond what is required by the IEC standards of the sector.