Human impact. Climate impact.

Climate change and environmental issues have dominated the debate on sustainability, but human impact is now on the agenda.

People need to be at the heart of the regeneration effort. We cannot start climate change without also working to reduce inequality, poverty and racial injustice.

An intersectional approach to climate will create inclusive and equitable solutions

The impacts of climate change are uneven. Those at the far end – black and indigenous communities, racialized people, and the poor – have long been excluded from the debate. This also applies to women.

Addressing the issue of climate means addressing social issues. Numerous studies show that 80% of people believe that sustainability is inextricably linked to other issues we face, such as poverty, equality, and social injustice.

Who is on the front line?

“People who are creating climate change are not the ones who will feel it first,” said Haile Mariam Mengistu, former President of Ethiopia. “Climate change will affect Africa and other regions of the global south before anywhere else because they do not have the resources to isolate themselves.”

The challenge of supporting vulnerable communities is immense. The Green Great Wall of Africa initiative is an ambitious project that aims to transform lives by planting a vast expanse of 8,000 km of trees and meadows on the edge of the Sahara, creating jobs and land suitable for cultivation for communities. borders. The project, which has the support of several countries, as well as footwear giant Timberland, Danish fashion brand Vero Moda and tree search engine Ecosia, received $ 14.3 billion in funding in January 2021.

In Brazil, Accenture is partnering with the NGO Gerando Falcões to regenerate the Rio Preto favela, where 80% of residents live below the poverty line. The project aims to multiply residents’ incomes by eight through a digital transformation project that will provide socially and economically vulnerable people with valuable life skills.

Affordable and accessible solutions to the environmental problem

The companies and individuals we are a part of must make sure that we treat all communities fairly and educate ourselves about the many problems that disadvantaged groups face.

For us, inclusion is key in all aspects of our corporate vision and actions. At TerraSolari we believe in human, social, natural and environmental diversity. It makes us richer and more beneficial for a balanced planet.

We are working to curb climate change. We invite you to join us and be part of a social and environmental regeneration.