Global, decisive and sustainable answers

For almost three decades and six years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, climate change has gone from being a marginal issue to a global priority. Each country is working on creating new policies and facing great challenges to implement new actions in the face of the uncontrolled acceleration of which we are witnesses and responsible. But it is not enough and because of this, the UN has been bringing together almost every country in the world for global climate summits, called the COP, which means ‘Conference of the Parties’.

Joining the world to tackle climate change

The twenty-sixth summit, COP26, will take place in the United Kingdom in the coming days to reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change. The event will bring together more than 120 world leaders, who will then leave the complex negotiations in the hands of their representatives, mainly environment ministers or similar senior officials.

Together to provide solutions and achieve goals

Following the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus, countries, including ours, are beginning to recover, and their plans include implementing more sustainable and environmentally sustainable lifestyles at the local level. In this way, they will expand to the whole planet.

Sustainability means creating the right jobs, generating conscious investment, protecting the environment and providing new solutions and innovative technologies to a country’s economic and industrial sector.

There is no alternative. We have to do it

To keep the planet’s temperature under control – limiting its rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius – scientific data indicates that by the second half of the century we should produce less carbon than we get out of the atmosphere. This is what we know as the concept of “achieving zero net”, which is the goal for 2030 in which all countries will have to adapt in a concrete, active and resilient way to get there providing real results.

Efforts towards a low-carbon future

A large number of automakers around the world are focusing on the design and production of all-electric and hybrid models. Some countries have begun to protect nature and restore the balance of the planet’s lungs. Cities, states and regions around the world are also committed to reducing emissions to zero.

The world is already moving, fortunately more and more, towards the replacement of polluting energy sources with green energy systems, which currently offer us a chance due to falling costs of renewables and energy systems with more efficient facilities.

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