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Lago Baikal

Clean energy, healthy oceans and a protected climate

The Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. In the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacier advance and retreat, and the abrupt …


The keys to clean, green and sustainable architecture

This is a country that is fortunate enough to have a huge amount of daylight hours, which leads us to think of a more conscious …


Global, decisive and sustainable answers

For almost three decades and six years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, climate change has gone from being a marginal issue to a …

Viviendas sostenibles con energía fotovoltaica y placas solares

Sustainable housing with photovoltaic energy and solar panels

Sustainable housing is one that meets the requirements for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means using less energy to do the same tasks, which means eliminating …

La importancia de limitar la subida de temperatura a 1,5ºC

The importance of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 ° C

With 2 ° C global warming, the impact on humans and nature would be widespread and severe. One-third of the world’s population is regularly exposed …