Energy from Nature. Power for people.

We are a company with a soul that designs and implements energy self-consumption solutions based on clean energy.
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About us

Welcome to the restoration of ENERGY BALANCE to curb climate change!

In Terrasolari we are clear, we must take action. We owe it not only to the planet, but also to ourselves. Therefore, our goal is twofold: To provide the best solar panel installation service along with having the greatest positive impact on the environment.

We like to define ourselves as a company with a soul that stands out for its human team. From the beginning, the goal is clear, to drive the change of global energy model and help our customers maximize their energy savings.

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    Join the energy revolution

    With TerraSolari you turn your home or business into a sustainable and efficient space.


    Our services are tailor-made, we adapt to the needs of each client.

    Residential installations

    Residential installations are designed to supply solar energy in private homes, whether homes or second homes. This seeks to increase the degree of self-sufficiency, generate savings and stop pollution.

    Industrial installations

    In a competitive world, companies need to increase revenue and reduce costs. With our industrial facilities we seek to optimize the electricity bill of all types of companies to reduce the amount to a minimum.

    Community installations

    We often think that solar energy installations are only for homes. Nothing could be further from the truth! Neighboring communities can also enjoy these services and the benefits they bring to their block or cohabitation community.


    Installation of air heating, air conditioning and air conditioning equipment to regulate the temperature of your home in both winter and summer.


    Periodic, preventive and non-preventive maintenance work on solar panels. We make them regardless of whether they have been installed by us or not.

    Happy customers

    Our focus is on the pursuit of excellence through customer satisfaction.

    The effort to offer new solutions in solar panels in Barcelona has allowed our customers to be more efficient in an environment of continuous innovation.

    "My installation was completed in a few days and working, thanks to a very professional, friendly and polite assembly team. At all times very careful to keep the whole work environment clean. Very happy with the choice: price, quality and humane treatment excellent. "
    Mª Dolores Almazor
    "Super professionals! We're delighted. In 3 days they have made the photovoltaic installation at home leaving it in perfect condition. Both the technicians and the sales people are very nice and explain everything perfectly. We highly recommend them. "
    Luis Manga

    Do you want to be informed about ecology and energy saving? Check out our blog!

    For Terrasolari, the energy of nature, especially solar, is and will be the impetus, light, vitality and energy for people.

    Because we have a passion for the planet, a passion for people.